System Requirements and Installation Information for Rosetta

The following are suggested minimum requirements for a successful installation of Rosetta. Given that demands placed on the the product can vary all we can do is attempt to validate a basic configuration.

The minimum configuration listed below is able to sustain a message load of approximately 15 referrals a second.

A single server deployment of Rosetta will require

  • SQL Server 2014 Express
  • Internet Information Service (IIS), running one application
  • 3 Rosetta Services
  • Any required HL7 Interface clients e.g. HealthLink


Minimum: 1.4 GHz 64 Bit processor

Recommended: 2 Processors


Minimum: 4 Gigabytes

Recommended: 8 Gigabytes or more


Minimum: 80 Gigabytes Single Logical Drive “C Drive”


Disk 1: 80 Gigabytes, Operating System Drive “C Drive”

Disk 2: SQL Data Drive “D Drive”, size will depend on expected volume

Disk 3: SQL Data Backup Drive “E Drive”, size will depend on expected volume

Other Requirements

While not strictly required for installation depending on your chosen deployment configuration they can be essential.

  • Remote Control software e.g. Team Viewer
  • Virtualisation Software e.g. VMWare or Hyper-V
  • Network Connection minimum 1 Mb
  • Internet Connection, if you wish to route SMS, external email or Fax
  • Backup Software
* multi-branch solution

* HL7 integration

* referrals, results processing

* rule based workflow

* schedule based workflow